About the Ornaments

Ornament Inspiration

Our visit to a cathedral with Kate was the inspiration for the ornament idea. Like many girls with Rett Syndrome, Kate loves vibrant colors, music and most anything that lights up. In July 2009, we visited family in Savannah, Georgia and attended mass at the towering Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. Soaring music and four-story stained-glass windows mesmerized Kate for a large portion of the service and the ornament idea was born.

About the Glass Artists

After a thoughtful search, we found the Little River Hotglass Studio in Stowe, Vermont. From their studio, accomplished glass artists Michael Trimpol and Monique LaJeunesse have created a body of glass work which, like the cathedral windows, is extraordinary. The colorful vortex designs of their ornaments and vases dance in ordinary sunlight. We contacted them inquiring if they would be willing to commission an exclusive collection of ornaments for Rett Syndrome research fundraising and they enthusiastically agreed. We are grateful for their talents and collaboration.